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Erection Help

Erection help is there for any man with erection problems and you first need to check out your overall health with your doctor.  In most cases erection problems develop due to blockages of the arteries. This can be a warning that more serious problems can develop  such as -  strokes or heart attacks.

Establishing the Cause of ED

Physical Testing

You should have a check up with your doctor regularly anyway but if you have erectile dysfunction -don't be embarrassed they have heard it all before and they will help, the first step to treating erection problems is finding out the cause.

Your blood will be tested to see if there are high levels of cholesterol, your blood pressure  is high or blood sugar levels are to high. A blood test can also discover if diabetes is present or there are any problems  with the kidney's and liver. You will also have a urine test and the check up may include a heart check.

The doctor will have your medical records and will know which areas he needs to test for ED

Mental Issues

Your doctor  will also talk to you about any problems you are having in your life which are causing, stress, anxiety or depression. If there are he may refer you to a specialist counsellor who will talk the problems through with you and how to come to terms with them.

Taking Action to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

If you have no serious illnesses then you will find that you can probably overcome erectile dysfunction by using natural methods. When you have any problems with erection or libido its normally telling you that your overall levels of health need to be improved and its very important you pay attention to your diet.

You need to start eating a nutritious diet and we have covered this in other areas of the site. Modern living has seen man eat more saturated fats and processed foods and this has led to an increase in the number of men with ED problems.

So eat a healthy diet and you will amazed at how much better you will feel. If you also add a natural erection pill as a supplement, you will get an additional boost of nutrients for sexual health.

You also need to get in shape – if you are overweight, start to exercise and if you are eating a healthy diet, you will soon achieve a healthy and lean body. Its well known that men who are not overweight suffer from less problems with erections than men who are so its simple – if you want to enjoy peak sexual health you need to get in shape.

Finally, if you do have mental issues which can often cause ED, its important, you talk them over with a trained counsellor. Don't be embarrassed, we all have problems with stress or an event in our life at some point which can cause temporary impotence and if you seek help the problems can be solved.

Final Thoughts

If you have erectile dysfunction or a weak erection the problem in most cases can be solved without the need to take drugs. You do have to make an effort to get fit and get healthy and if you do you will not only enjoy better sexual health, you will enjoy life more as well. 

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