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Erection  L Arginine

In recent years medical research and testing, has shown that the amino acid L arginine which is produced in the body plays a critical role in the production of nitric oxide which is the natural substance which is crucial for any man to get an erection. Lets look at L arginine and nitric oxide in more detail and how by taking L  Arginine as a supplement you can cure erectile dysfunction and get harder and stronger erections.

Blood Flow into the Penis

An erection relies on more blood entering the penis to make it stiff an increased amount of blood needs to flood into chambers in the penis which makes it swell in size, become hard and an erection is formed. To increase the amount of blood  in the penis nitric oxide needs to be produced in the arteries which lead into the penis – no erection can form without nitric oxide.

The Role of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is realized in the blood vessels which carry blood into the penis and the role nitric oxide performs is simple, when its realized it allows the blood vessels to open up wider and then, more blood can flow into the penis to create a hard erection. Its a known fact that nitric oxide levels will fall over the years and when levels become to low a weak erection or ED will be the result.

L Arginine Creates Nitric Oxide

In recent years medical research has shown that the amino acid L arginine helps to produce nitric oixde. L Arginnine levels in the body also fall when men get older and this can lead to low levels of nitric oxide so – by boosting L arginine a man can boost levels of nitric oxide and get harder erections.

Natures Viagra 

L arginine is often called “natures blue pill” but it doesn't work in the same as Viagra at all. Viagra does not actually boost levels of nitric oxide, it works in a different way, to maximize the nitric oxide your body already produces even when levels are low and ED or a weak erection occur – so how does it do this?

Viagra inhibits PDE5 which is produced in the body which is known to destroy nitric oxide. By taking the blue pill, you get an erection while the pill is working but when the effects wear off, you will not be able to get a hard erection. So you can only get erections for short periods of time. This is not ideal for most men and in addition, Viagra and other drugs can have side effects making them dangerous to take for many men.

Because  L arginine is a natural substance, there are no dangers when taking it and if taken regularly, it will help the body build up levels of nitric oxide which means that a man can get an erection whenever he becomes aroused. Normally, it will take some time to take effect and in controlled tests, men started to enjoy harder erections after around two weeks and after several months, erections became stronger. You will normally find L Arginine.

L Arginine Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of this amino acid and it doesn't just help you get an erection, it can also help you enjoy better health and wellness, here are just some of the benefits:

It improves blood flow around the body and to the penis and is seen as a great circulatory tonic.

It helps to build muscle and reduce fat, making it a favourite supplement of body builders.

It helps optimize the immune system for better resistance to disease and illness and helps wounds heal more quickly

It reduces blood clotting which cuts the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as - heart attacks or strokes.

It helps to maintain normal blood pressure

It is though to reduce the risk of getting certain cancers from developing.

In Conclusion

You will find L Arginine in all the best natural erection pills for men and taking it regularly will help improve overall health and wellness.

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